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My affection for jewelry started from a very young age, as a child I used to go through my mothers jewelry chest, empty out the drawers and put on every single piece that would fit. Years later, a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art and an eight year Fashion focused career in the UK, I arrived back home in Dallas, Texas.

The dot com was born in 2014 out of an obsession for tough luxe collections with a bohemian heart. Each is thoughtfully edited and the jewelry is hand selected for it's originality, quality and timelessness.

The love affair continues along with the idea of coordinating and wearing pieces in a subtle way and other times for dramatic effect. Jewelry has a way of finding it's owner and the emotional response it stirs is so good. 

 BarbedWire has become a destination for art inspired talismans all from independent, female driven small businesses that utilize sustainable design methods, recycled metals and ethically sourced stones.

Enjoy (-: